Ernest & Young (WA)

Transonic travellers, label heads and pillars of the West Coast underground’s new wave, Ernest & Young plumb the depths of the multi-level mind dance—calling upon hypnotic drum loops, soul-touching sub-bass and the golden glow of the afternoon before and the morning following. Fierce high school friends, the duo and their highly esteemed Ono Records have breathed a new spark, energy and sense of collaboration into their coastal home.

A doggedly defiant two-man DIY team, James Enderby and Warwick Montogomery have made their mark on the dance music community by coordinating a duo of records from producers e-Plume and Guy Contact, a regular show on Skylab Radio and DJ appearances at much-lauded parties System, Weekend at Bernie's and Oochie Koochie—rubbing shoulders with artists including Ben UFO, Marcellus Pitman, Pariah and Hybrid Man. Stringing together sounds that span crystalline ambience, downtempo pub-chug rhythms and smoked-out peak-time heaters their singular take on performing is holistic, fluid and thorough—don’t sleep on Ernest & Young appearance.